Ancient stone cutting

How they made it many centuries back ?

1. Circular cut

Is it made by lathe machine ? Is it made by lathe machine ?
India, Karnataka, Hampi
India, Hoysaleswara templeHoysaleswara Temple.jpg

2. Separating block stone

But why the people are using around the word rectangular holes ?
How they made the rectangular holes ?.

France, Carnac
Ireland, Castleruddery
India, Brihadeeswarar Templeind.jpg Peru, Machu PichuMachu Pichu.jpg
Egypt, AswanAswan_Egypt.jpg

3. Tube drill holes

In granite and dolerie (hardness 6 & 7 on scale of 10) !:

Giza, granite with spiral groovescutmark cutting mark.jpg

In diamerter of approx 8 inches and one turn causing 2 mm depth in granite !
drill hole.jpg

How is it made ?

4. Poundering ?

Egypt, Aswanaswan-unfinished-obelisk2 Egypt, Aswan
Egypt, Aswan
Egypt, Aswanaswan.jpg

As per some scholars the shaping of the obelisk was done with diorite pounder stones.
Diorite has a hardness 6-7, out of 10 on the Mohs scale (diamond is 10).
So diorite have almost same hardness as the granite, therefore this technique would be very inefficient.

4. Saw (straight & circular)

Egypt, Gizasaw Egypt, Gizabasalt_pavement_Saw marks on a basalt paving stone near the east side of the Great Pyramid.jpg
Lebanon, Baalbek
Baalbek Lebanon.jpg
Egypt, Abu Rawash
circular saw_2

Circular saw mark in Abu Rawash:circular saw_1


Author: Andras Steger

Passions for ancient history and lost technologies.

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