3D Archaeology

Project name: Digitization of the Sun Pool.
Site name: 10th Century Ancient Reservoir.
Location: On the border of New-Delhi and Faridabad (@28.4839339,77.2823382,321). On the Suraj Kund Road.
Site Size: 160 m x 200 m

Steps in 3D archaeology:

1. Make photos as many possible (1000).
2. Convert photos into 3D model in 3DF Zephyr; Autodesk 123D Catch; Visual SFM; Colmap; Agisoft Photoscan or in similar software.
3. Export the 3D model in .odj; .pdf & .stl format for further use.
4. Import .obj in GLC Player -> Tools/Mulishoots -> Generate .gif files to make animations, which can be shared later.
5. Use online tools to create animated .gif files, for example:
https://imgflip.com/gif-maker (this can share the link on Twitter as well).
6. Share animated gif on the net (twitter, facebook etc.).
7. The .stl file can be 3D printed (prototype, souvenir etc.)

A) Following the above steps, first a big stone block digitized from the reservoir:

The results (thousand year old footprint discovered !):

To able to rotate the stone Yourself, please click on the following link: click here

Using the 3D model in virtual reality:

B) Next will be the center stone pile:




Author: Andras Steger

Passions for ancient history and lost technologies.

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